My teachers are awesome. :3 They've helped me alot.

Here's Alittle about each of my teachers.

Mrs. Brunson- She's a great Language Arts teacher. She's helped plenty [though sometimes her lessons are slightly confused. haha] and she's just fun to be around. By far my funnest teacher ever. She's pretty funny too. XD I'll miss you Mrs. B.

Mrs. Miller- Oh meh gosh she's awesome. She's my social studies teacher and she's just SO funny. I never really cared about history until I got into her class. She makes the classes fun and I don't know what COE would do without her as a History teacher. I think the kids would all fall asleep DX

Mrs. Kelli- She's my math Teacher. I never really Liked Math either, because I wasn't good at it. I never really do my homework, but if I did I know i'd have a pretty high Grade in her class, if I was staying there much Longer. Thanks Mrs. Kelli, I actually enjoy math now ^_^

These are my favorite teachers and I'll always remember them. I'm so happy to have had a chance to be their student. I'll miss you!!!!

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