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Changing Tides

The tide is high
And the tide is low
You said goodbye
And off you'd go

I loved you
Like nothing else
I didn't know what to do
I wasn't myself

You left with that girl
She was my best friend
You were my world
I never wanted it to end

But it did
And I was sad
My emotions, I hid
It seemed like I was mad

But I wasn't
That I know
But now I wear a smile
That glows and glows

There's now a guy
Who treats me right
Without Him i'd die
I love him, without fright

The tide is high
And the tide is low
I no longer want to die
So I wear a smile that glows and glows


What is love?
Heaven only knows
But your life I wanna be apart of
With you my smile glows

I talk with you
And the tears start to fall
Not knowing what to do
Makes me feel small

Though It's you I care for
You that I miss
I've curled on the floor
Crying from this

For the love that I lost
That I threw away
My soul turns to frost
While my heart decays

I love you
With all my heart
I'm sorry for the things I do
That I've done from the start...

Right and Wrong

Is suicide the right way to go?
It's the cowards way out
Like leaving a baby in the snow
Or stealing water during a drought

You don't just hurt yourself
But the ones that love you most
You think there's no one else
That your life is a far off ghost

But there is hope
For this I know
I used to mope
And stay out of the flow

I tried many times
To kill myself you see
This I know now was a crime
'Cause people cared for me.

I was loved by plenty
That I didn't see
I was determined to die before I'd hit twenty
My blood would flow like the sea

A prayer then, for the suicidal
It's not the way to go
Suicidal Rockstars, my matinee idol
But my intelligence has grown

Leaving me here dying

You're terrible
A thing of my past
I thought we would last
You left me all alone
Slit wrists
I wanted you to come home
You walked away with her
As My emotions began to stir
Now that my heart's been crushed
As my blood begins to rush
Now that the blood has left
And away my soul crept.

As I lay here dying

As I lay here dying
You laugh and walk away
As I lay here crying
I think of that awful day
You told me we were over
After all that we've been through
I thought we'd last forever
I had no idea what to do
As I lay here dying
I smile without a tear
There will be no more crying
As my suicide pulls away all my fear

The Next Two Entries are Just things I entered for A Contest Online ^_^ I got Honorable Mention on Both.

You told me we were through
And Left me all alone
I didn't know what to do
Now that I'm on my own
You cheated on me
Left me in pieces
My heart has been set free
But my love for you never ceases
Now I'm left alone
Wishing you were here
At times I'm glad you're gone
But to my heart you were so dear
There's A new man now
Holding me to his heart
Don't ask me how
But I knew it from the start
I'm happy he's with me
Now I know what to do
Forever, him my child, us three
Will speak forever. "I love you"

This One Was Just A Sentence For One Of Those Contests. It said "Write One Sentence that'll make my heart throb" So I tried. It's not great -.-
And now I leave you, with the thought that I'll never be the same because, although you were the love of my life, you treated me wrong and everything I ever dreamed of vanishes as these tears spill over and fall down my cheeks, destroying the loving smile that danced across my face when you'd lied and said "I love you".
More Poems Coming Once I Write Them Or Find My Notebook. XP Enjoy.
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